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Sensor Data Logging

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Logging the sensor data to the file.

The contents of the file can be exported from the default configuration -
default.track file.

The file lists the sensors used to record data. By default, only cumulative
sensors data is recorded. Data is written to the "track" folder in binary format and can be converted to
Excel spreadsheets with «track2csv.exe» utility found here:

For sure thats a "beta" feature, and you should be an experienced user to enable it.

track2csv tool is a command line tool
You should run this program with a full path to your "hobdrive/track" folder as an argument.

1) Open explorer and drag your "track" folder from "hobdrive" installation into the track2csv.exe icon
2) When it finishes the work, you'll find CSV files in the same "track" folder, which could be opened with Excel and analysed further.

To setup sensors you want to log, you should edit "default.track" (or user.track) file and enable lines with sensor names to log.

Second tool, Track2cvsjoin allows you to convert multiple sensors into a single CSV file.
You should run it from command line, like:
Код: Выделить всё
Track2CSVJoin D:/path/to/folder/track Sensor1Name Sensor2Name etc ...

Sample of excel data chart: