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standalone version

cventurer » 02 апр 2012, 17:13

Hello, I would buy the full version of the program to be able to customize the Enchanced data layout of the gauges.

The full version also includes the standalone package, without the net 3.5?

I've successfully changed the layout, and added the pid for my car (Toyota Auris HSD), everything works perfectly.

Congratulations on this very very great application!
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Re: standalone version

cail » 02 апр 2012, 19:43


The full version gives no extra options for UI customization that the demo. But for sure you'll be able to reuse your layout custom settings in full version.

Full version also ships with standalone package.
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Re: standalone version

cventurer » 03 апр 2012, 00:07

thanks for the quick response. I am a programmer and still buy your application, because it is right that you have our support to carry on your work.

Unfortunately I have many questions and requests for hobd, I'd like to create a perfect synergy with my car.

Now I'm going to purchase the application ... and then I'll make a post with all the questions and doubts. I hope you can help me ...

Sorry for my English but is translated by google ....


I just purchased the application ...
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