The latest beta 1.1.97 not starting

hobDrive installation and configuration on Windows/Windows Mobile devices.

The latest beta 1.1.97 not starting

dimitrov2000 » 15 авг 2014, 13:31

Trying to use the latest beta, it will not start...Says "NullReferenceExeption" and some strings after
that, totally unreadable (at least in WinCE).
The reason I want to try the beta is that I've been reading in this forum that "Current Shift Position" indicator is working for AT in Lexus (Toyota).
So my question is:
How can I pull out this indicator in the main screen (code if possible) and what changes I have to make perhaps to some other files, to make it work right?
HobDrive(1.1.1 licensed) + GPS Box CS9200RV (WinCE 6.0) + Elm327 USB + Lexus RX300 MY 2002
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Re: The latest beta 1.1.97 not starting

cail » 22 авг 2014, 15:27

Hmm, could you please share up your log.txt file?
HobDrive(свежак) + Android4 rk3188 2din + Elm327USB + Pontiac Vibe 2003
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