Corsa D 2008

hobDrive installation and configuration on Windows/Windows Mobile devices.

Corsa D 2008

mkuzmanovicm » 08 апр 2015, 06:17

Hello, I am from Serbia. I drive Opel corsa D 2008. I buy 2 din multimedia (windows ce 6.0) for my car.
I download hobdrive Windows CE Standalone package and mount my sd card in my navigation slot. I opet hobdrive but, how i can pair elm 327 BT (in my obd2 jack) and bluetooth on 2 din. I read forum but cant find my problem how to pair. I must to have elm 327 with usb cable?

When I go in setting I dont have find devices? On my bluetooth on 2din I have only to call, phonebook, dialpad.

Sorry for my english
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Re: Corsa D 2008

kdika » 08 апр 2015, 10:31

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Corsa D 2008

MelaniaSnins » 01 авг 2018, 05:15

anyone know if a cdr 500 will work in a corsa b looking at getting one and will the display screen up top work properly with it
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