Lancia Delta (2009), LPG and Instant Nav

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Lancia Delta (2009), LPG and Instant Nav

tzoannop » 17 авг 2015, 20:12


I have a Lancia Delta (MY2009) 1.4 T-Jet which came equipped with the Instant Nav system (the one with the color display on it) and I recently converted my car to also use LPG. However, the onboard trip computer does not take fuel consumption measurements from the LPG injectors.

So, I need to ask the following questions:

1. Is HobDrive compatible with the Instant Nav unit?
2. Will it display fuel consumption (instant and average) and remaining range information on the display in the instrument cluster as well?
3. What kind of work is needed to install it and get these measurements?

Thank you.
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Re: Lancia Delta (2009), LPG and Instant Nav

cail » 18 авг 2015, 14:12


1) Unfortunately we can't find exact characteristics of your unit. You have to clarify if it has WinCE as an OS for your navigation. If yes, there should be a way (sometimes a hack) to run third party apps on your unit. As an additional dependency, there should be external USB host connector that is visible from Windows CE. If all that true, hobdrive will run and work on this. You may use hobdrive demo to check this.

2) If you mean separate display (not the main nav unit) - then no. This is not possible.

3) see (1) for basic requirements. And of course you'll need ELM327 adapter.

From overall sense, it is quite possible that the easiest way for you would be to use hobdrive on smartphone.
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