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Should it work with vehicle Y?

hobDrive works fine with any OBD-II compatible vehicle.

Should it work on device X?
The easiest way to answer this is to try. You may try free /hobd and see how it runs on your device.

What OBD-II adapter do I need?
OBD-II adapter is a hardware unit which connects your smartphone, computer or PNA unit with the vehicle. Concrete model depends on hardware you have and your requirements.Show

Can I leave OBD-II adapter in vehicle all the time?
Of course hobDrive gives you the best experience if it works all the time when vehicle is running.Show

It doesn’t starts up on my device!
Please try to download and install (unpack) ‘standalone’ build of hobDrive.

Cant’ find BT - BT scan failed.
Make sure BT is enabled on your unit.

Can’t connect BT device, although hobd/hobDrive sees it.
In case your OBD2 adapter requires custom BT PIN code, make sure you’ve entered it correctly in PIN dialog.

How to enable debug logging?
For any problem resolution, please enable debug logging in system settings menu. Choose “TRACE” for “Logging level” option.

Is it possible to use USB-ELM adapter on WinCE?
Yes, in case you’ll install Usb-Serial WinCE driver for your USB-ELM adapter. For FTDI chipset based hardware you can take drivers here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm
See also USB-host configuration in Bluetooth-less units

Is it possible to install hobDrive into the in-car GPS/Audio/Video unit (2din multimedia unit)?
Many popular multimedia units (RoadRover for example) have non standard BlueTooth stack and it can’t be used to communicate with hobDrive. In this case you either have to use USB BT dongle - to enable standard microsoft BT stack. Or, you may use USB ELM327 adapter and use USB-serial port connection in hobDrive.

See viewtopic.php?f=5&t=34