Peugeot 307 2002 with ECU Siemens Sid 801

Help on hobdrive connection with vehicle, parameters configuration

Peugeot 307 2002 with ECU Siemens Sid 801

gabriele.giammatteo73062 » 18 мар 2015, 00:27

my setup is the following: Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 90 Hp Diesel (year 2002) + ECU "Siemens Sid 801" + ELM327 Bluetooth adapter + HobDrive demo for Android.
I tried several combination of protocols: with some of them I manage to connect, but only the Battery Voltage is readable. With all the others I cannot connect at all.
Given the production year, I suspect my car is not fully compatible with OBD-II, but I can see HObDrive has custom ELM init templates for some specific ECUs and the possibility to write new ones. I'm wondering if there is the possibility that I need a specific init string for my ECU and how I can find the proper string.

Thank you very much for the support,
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Re: Peugeot 307 2002 with ECU Siemens Sid 801

kdika » 18 мар 2015, 15:04

In addition to the initialization string must know PIDs for your computer.
Try searching for ...

PS. sorry for my english. Google translate
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