Ford Ranger 2012 Settings

Help on hobdrive connection with vehicle, parameters configuration

Ford Ranger 2012 Settings

puma1085 » 21 янв 2017, 05:03


I have managed to get this program working OK on my 2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 L Duratorq TDCi.

In my car I have a head unit that is based on windows CE so i downloaded the stand alone version and used a bluetooth ELM327 dongle for connection and it seems to run well enough.

I have gone with basic standard settings I feel that some of the settings might not be so accurate for example it was telling me that the outside air them was 17 however it was actually 27 possibly just a tweak to work it out.

What I would like to know before I purchase the full version is how customisable is it? All I would like to view is.

Coolant temp, Oil Temp, Transmission Temp, Boost pressure, Air Temp, Intake Temp.

I would like to somehow get them all onto the one screen I have no need for all the fuel calculation stuff.

At the moment I can view all that info using a wifi dongle and my iPhone with various apps however I would like to be able to only have the one system (being the built in head unit in the car)

If this is possible please let me know how I might be able to achieve this.

Many thanks!
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Re: Ford Ranger 2012 Settings

puma1085 » 21 янв 2017, 07:15

So I have managed to work out how to change the screens to what I would like using this method.


The main issue that I have now is that some of them are not working and some of them don't display the correct data or are not in the correct units of measurement that I would like.

For example
Engine Oil Temp does not work
ATF Temp doesn't work
Air temp always displays 17 degrees celsius even though I know it's not
Intake manifold pressure is showing 95 kPa at idle that can't be right
throttle is at 95% at idle also

Is there something that I can do to rectify this issues?
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Re: Ford Ranger 2012 Settings

cail » 30 янв 2017, 15:05

Scott, lets continue this discussion in email :-)
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