HobDrive iOS TestFlight

iOS 8/9 devices. ELM327 WiFi only!

HobDrive iOS TestFlight

cail » 07 янв 2016, 13:53

HobDrive is now in AppStore!


hobDrive beta is available on iOS devices for closed testing via Apple TestFlight.

To join hobdrive testing you should:

1) Send us an email with subject "hobdrive iOS" and with your Apple ID (email) and your first/last name (optional).
2) Install "TestFlight" app from apple App Store.
3) Wait for invitation email and then install hobdrive via TestFlight app.

Test agreement:
a) We give full featured hobDrive release for testing, but only for the beta test period. As soon as hobDrive release will come out on app store you'll have 30 days to evaluate it and purchase.
б) Current build is ios8 and higher compatible. Send us a notice if you still want iOS7 to be a supported platform.

What to test:
- ELM327 Wifi connectivity and stability.
- Issues in various settings dialogs.
- Issues with scaling and UI drawing.
HobDrive(свежак) + Android4 rk3188 2din + Elm327USB + Pontiac Vibe 2003
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