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GPS Units Blacklist

BT cant be used directly, but can use usb-host hardware alteration (and use ELM327-USB then)

  1. Prestigio GeoVision 4200BT

    Can DUN, but BT stack is not detected. The only option is usb-host activation.

  2. CS 9100

    Samsung arm 400MHz - reported to be too slow for hobdrive.

  3. V7 Nav720

    Separate BT chipset - cant interact with ELM327-BT The only option is usb-host activation.

  4. Digma DS600BN, PNA Digma DS501BN Incompatible BT stack?

  5. Explay PN-980 Incompatible BT stack?
  6. Lexand 533U
  7. HDC 516
  8. explay pn445

White list (BT works fine, checked by users)

  1. Prestigio GeoVision 7900BTFMTV
  2. GPS Navispace
  3. Digital DGP-5050
  4. Modecom FreeWAY MX2 HD (YF6 platform)
  5. China noname “YFAPP”, “YFAtalas4” with Bluetooth
  6. Shturman 200BT
  7. MIO Cruiser 5165
  8. Palmann 50G( winCE 6.0)
  9. GlobusGPS GL-500DUN
  10. GlobusGPS GL-530i
  11. Texet TM-650 A5
  12. xDevice Imola HD
  13. Treelogic TL-4308GF AV 2Gb
  14. Pioneer TL-8810HD
  15. Prestigio 5300BT