What hobDrive does?

OBD-II PIDs reading and displaying Yes Yes
Custom PIDs support, KWP2K, CAN, model specific PIDs Yes
limited support
MIL reading and Clearing Yes
OBD2 only
MPG and Fuel Cost on Gasoline and Diesel engines Yes Yes
Precise fuel consumption calculation using deceleration fuel trim status, LTFT or Lambda corrections No Yes
Single trip distance and time statistics Yes Yes
Multiple trip, auto trip distance, time, fuel and average statistics No Yes
Head Up Display (HUD) mode Yes
limited support
Localization, visual themes, layouts, imperial/metric units switching Yes Yes
Day/night visual theme automatic switching No Yes
Hybrid extended analytics: engine-only MPG, efficiency No Yes
Detailed DTC explanation, persistent MIL and failure conditions tracking No Yes
Enchanced gauges, visual gauge configuration No Yes
Automatic trip periods switching: day, week, month, fillup, manual TripA, TripB support. No Yes
Jams and idling tracking. Costs of jams, fuel economy without jams No Yes
Hot/cold engine tracking. Fuel economy on a hot engine No Yes
Fueling and Maintenance records tracking Yes
Last 12 records
Distance and time on fuel in tank. Next fueling estimation. No Yes
Performance measurements:
Zero to sixty, Breaking time/distance, Quarter time.
No Yes
Technical and installation support Yes
Via forum
Version updates and bugfixes Yes
Second priority
First priority

OBD-II PIDs reading and displaing

Flexible configuration allows to track any of OBD-II or extended PIDs in efficient manner. Different display options are available.
basic screen basic screen

Custom PIDs support, KWP2K, CAN, model specific PIDs

HobDrive supports various custom ECUs, some of them even not OBD2 compatible, but hobdrive reads them via ELM327 interface! For many vehicle manufacturers hobdrive supports extended PIDs and sensors, in addition to the standard OBD2 set.

Standard OBD2 Toyota Toyota JDM Toyota JDM CAN mode21 Toyota GT86 Toyota Hybrid Toyota Hybrid CAN21 Toyota Prius MHW11 Toyota EMPS Daihatsu Chevrolet Delphi HV240 Nissan Custom JDM Subaru Custom Subaru JDM Ford Ford Hybrid Ford CAN Ford msCAN Mazda CAN Opel KWP2000 Opel VB X16XEL Opel VB X18XE Opel Z16XE Opel Y17DT Astra-G Mitsubishi MUT Tiggo Delphi MT20U Tiggo Delphi MT20U2 Delphi MT20U2 (Hover) VAZ Январь 7 Euro2 VAZ Январь 5.1 R83 VAZ Январь J5LS 5.1 Bosch797 e2 VAZ Bosch797 е3/е4 VAZ Itelma M73 e3 VAZ Bosch MP7 e2 VAZ Bosch MP7 e3 VAZ Bosch ME1797 UAZ Bosch 17.9.7 M74 M75 Micas 7.6 Micas 10.3 E2 Micas 10.3 E3 Micas 11 E2 VAZ M74Can UAZ EDC16C39 Alfa Romeo Fiat Marea (Magneti Marelli IAW 49F) Fiat Albea (Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF) Fiat Ducato (Bosch EDC16 CF4 Diesel) Siemens ACR167 KWP Renault Traffic Renault Scenic Diesel Renault Scenic Gazoline Megane Acteco ME797 Sirius D42 Ssang Yong Diesel Ssang Yong Gazoline Hyundai G4EC Hyundai G4FC

Fuel Consumption Calculations

Different methods of MPG calculation are available: Based on MAF, MAP or Injector Pulse Width (Limited ECUs) precise fuel consumption is calculated. Diesel engines are supported with a dedicated EngineLoad calculation method. Consumption display per hour, MPG or liters per 100km. Display values are calculated for whole trip, short time, instant consumption.

Trip distance, trip time calculations

Tracks you total trip time, distance passed, your idle time (how much time you've spent in jams)
Trip Distance

HUD mode

When using on standalone GPS navigation unit, or on PocketPC/Smartphone with large screen it is possible to use display brightness for self-projection onto the windshield:
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Flexible configuration and settings

Here is a short video demonstrating hobdrive configuration features: </param></param></param></embed>

Day/night automatic theme switching

hobDrive automatically changes visual theme when light day changes (the hours to change are configurable).

Detailed DTC explanation, persistent MIL tracking

offers a detailed MIL (Misfuction Lamp) and DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) report and explanation. It consistently track MIL conditions and indicates the failure condition as soon as it appears.

also track Coolant Temperature and Fuel Correction sensors for possible critical conditions and reports them as well.

Enchanced data display: red/green color warnings, charts, colored gauges

Sensors use graphics and colors to indicate warning or normal condition: Graphic charts, widget bars and round bars are fully configurable:

Automatic trip periods

supports multiple trips calculations in parallel. With these you always know what are your daily stats, how much you've spent this week, etc. There exist a number of periods with automatic reset:
  • Auto Trip - detected by engine off
  • Day - Daily statistics
  • Week - Weekly statistics
  • Month - Monthly statistics
  • Fillup - Statistics for single fillup
Of course traditional manual TripA and TripB periods are available. </param></param></param></embed>

Fueling and Maintenance records tracking

hobDrive tracks all your records and money spent, and gives you a detailed overall statistics.

Performance measurements

Car performance measure helpers:
  • Zero to Sixty time
  • Quarter mile time
  • Breaking to Zero time
zero to hundred

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