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Android phones and tablets
Download evaluation APK directly
Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/SE, Apple iPad
Windows Phone 8/8.1 Smartphones and Tablets
Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x Smartphones and PDAs
Windows CE In-Car audio and GPS navi units
Windows CE Standalone package (integrated .net3.5 - does not require .net 3.5 installation)
Linux (Mono) CarPCs and Desktops Mono environment should be installed. Run "mono hobd.exe"
Windows XP/Vista CarPCs and Desktops

For some platforms we offer an evaluation version of . It includes somewhat reduced functionality. This version is available on Windows Desktop, Windows CE and Android platforms. It has the following limitations:

Demo version is not available for Windows Phone 8 and iPhone platforms. There you have 4 weeks evaluation period of full version. The only limitation there is restricted MIL code reading in custom protocols. After that you have to decide whether to continue use hobdrive, or not.

Please read for more great features which you'll receive if you buy hobDrive.

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Extra materials, to help you adopt hobdrive on your hardware

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Be aware that is under the same license restrictions, as :

We love the open source software and we believe it should eventually win. development is partially opensourced. Its core engine (hobdcore) is available to public.

is being developed on a