HOBD 0.61 and hobDrive Release One

Published on Friday, 21 January 2011.

Today we release version 0.61 with the next major update:

  • Diagnostic screen with DTC code reading and clearing functionality

Also, minor changes/bugfixes:

  • “reset trip” button is moved onto trip screen
  • Improved sensor units text drawing
  • config.xml: window-style: noborder allows to integrate into carpc frontends
  • config.xml: ui-performance: low/normal/high presets
  • Minor ui fixes and usability improvements
  • Fixes in menu initialization
  • Fix in CAB installation

Download version 1.1.1 from 24.02.2012

And we finally are ready to deliver Release One!

This is a first public release with a number of extended features. Beside everything already does, offers you the next unique functions:

  • Enchanced data display: red/green color warnings
  • Automatic trip periods switching: day, week, month, fillup
  • Multiple trip data support (TripA, TripB)
  • Performance measurements: Zero to sixty, Breaking time/distance, Quarter time.

Read and see more details on these features.

We have a number of other great ideas already in progress, and looking forward all the way!

Buy !

Please notice that license is permanent and you’ll receive all future updates for free even if the pricetag will raise.