HOBD 0.68 update released

Published on Wednesday, 09 February 2011.

version 0.68, here are the major improvements:

  • DTC readings on CAN vehicles are now correct, all available ECU codes are displayed
  • Autoupdate functionality (Settings -> Network)
  • Improved “Clear DTC” button usability, confirmation added
  • Added “First Run” message and open port settings automatically on first run
  • Sensor data tracking functionality (disabled by default)
  • New OBD-II sensors on “Sensors” extra page are available (voltage, fuel rate)

Minor changes/bugfixes:

  • Improved status line output
  • Fixed rare exceptions on win32
  • Screen orientation is now restored on exit
  • UI changes: Short term fuel consumption on “General” page is replaced now with “Battery Voltage”
  • UI changes: Diagnostic screen is hidden by default (available from “Settings” -> “Screens”)

registered users will also receive the appropriate update shortly.

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Download version 1.1.1 from 24.02.2012