hobDrive 0.9.7 new features

Published on Tuesday, 28 June 2011.

version 0.9.7 is now available with a number of a new features and improvements:

New features

  • Improved short and instant fuel consumption sensors. They are now smooth and more reliable. New configuration for these sensors is available: own idle speed, and option should the FC should include idling into calculations.
  • Fuel consumption can now be affected by engine deceleration state (fuel trim), LTFT sensor value or current Lambda(AFR) value. These modes are disabled by default and could be enabled from vehicle settings screen. Settings only available in hobDrive.
  • New PIDs: CommandedEGR, EGRError, Commanded_EVAP
  • New System Settings Option to hide “HUD” button (hobdrive only)
  • Help screens added to some of parameters. To open, click highlighted parameter labels.
  • Portrait orientation now uses same sensor layout as landscape (no mirroring). You may restore old behaviour via system option “Mirror elements”.
  • Ukrainian translation (thanks to Mike)
  • Italian translation (thanks to Emiliano)

For more details and bugfixes, see full changelog history.

Read the updated User’s Manual: Download.

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