hobDrive 0.9.0 new features

Published on Tuesday, 10 May 2011.

version 0.9.0 is now available with a number of a new features and improvements:

Main new features

  • New Settings UI screens. Connection settings, Expert options Settings, Vehicle Settings.
  • Visual Theme setting is now separated for day/night. Automatic switching is performed (hobdrive only).
  • “About sensor” (long tap) screen is improved with extra details.
  • Fillup form allows to enter odometer values both in miles/km.
  • New option to start hobdrive minimized
  • New option to disable animations in user interface (for slow devices)
  • Included BT support for devices with Widcomm chipset.
  • New sensors for lambda values and extended range oxygen (PIDs 0x24-0x2B)
  • A number of new themes added

For more details and bugfixes, see full changelog history.

Read the updated User’s Manual: Download.

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