HOBD 0.7.0 update released

Published on Monday, 28 February 2011.

version 0.7.0 with the next major updates:

  • Dynamic screen orientation changes is handled now correctly
  • Backlight and power is always On when hobdrive is running
  • Sensors List screen is now functional. All available sensor values could be monitored

Minor changes/bugfixes:

  • Settings screens usability improved
  • Screen updates are disabled when hobdrive is in background
  • Second bank’s stft and ltft are added onto “Fuel Corrections” screen
  • Minimize button works on wince systems (depends on a system, could be jerky)
  • Better recovery from ELM internal resets (during engine start powerloss)
  • Sensor data tracking can be enabled via <track-config>default.track</track-config> option
  • hobDrive: charts drawing is disabled by default because of poor performance on low-end devices. Enable via <ui-enable-charts>true</ui-enable-charts> option.

registered users will also receive the appropriate update shortly.

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Download version 1.1.1 from 24.02.2012