hobDrive 0.8.0 update and new features

Published on Monday, 28 March 2011.

version 0.8.0 is now available with a number of a new features and improvements:

New features

  • Strong usability improvements: navigation top bar, buttons improvements, better performance:

  • New screen “Fuel Details” (hobdrive only):
    • Fuel economy and consumption in jams/idling, its price
    • Total fuel price
    • Fuel consumption on a cold engine
    • Fuel economy on a hot engine

  • New screen “Trip details” (hobdrive only):
    • Fuel level calculations
    • Fueling records tracking
    • Odometer tracking
    • Average and max speed
    • Distance and time on remaining fuel

    Check out this video, demonstrating hobDrive’s new functions:


Minor updates

  • Improved sensor output:
    • No overlapping
    • Time values now separate hours and days
    • Floating values now automatically change precision
    • border-opacity gauge attribute allows to define borders
  • Sensor list screen now includes detailed sensor descriptions
  • New PIDS: lambda, baro pressure. Fuel pressure fixed.
  • Long Tap (Hold) on any of sensors now raise detailed screen with sensor description
  • Screen switching with joystic keys or with navigation bar sections.
  • Light theme now has background picture, other improvements to use it when sunny.
  • When selection Bluetooth device, a new dialog appears with PIN code request.

User manual

Starting with this version we also have hobDrive user manual available. Check it out.

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