Help us and receive hobDrive discount

Published on Tuesday, 12 April 2011.

Dear hobd and hobDrive users!

Many of you asked of any discounts for the full hobDrive license.

Today we need photos for ads (on site and on printed materials) of hobdrive - working on different vehicles and on different hardware.

In case you have a possibility to make a good quality photos of your car’s interior together with hobd - we then may give you 50% off coupon for the single hobdrive license.

  • We are interested on photos of hobd/hobdrive, builtin into Multimedia Units, 2din car audios, car PCs, working in PocketPC/Smartphones.
  • For PNA (standalone GPS units) we are only interested in very small (2.5-3”) or very large (7”-10”) installations.
  • Your photos should contain latest 0.8.0 hobd.
  • Photos should be in a good quality (no phone’s cameras), more than 6mp, without explicit noice, with good exterior outside.
  • Photos should contain no faces, license plates, etc.
  • Photo’s brightness should allow to see all the elements: hobd’s screen, interior and exterior. No overbrighting please.
  • If possible, minimize visibility of any extra cables/chargers on a screen.
  • If possible, make a photo when driving (in this case please ask someone else to do it - don’t do it yourself while driving).
  • Frame should capture some visible parts of your vehicle’s interior (possibly with parts of manufacturer labels). We don’t need only ‘screenshots’.
  • We need your agreement (just words via mail) for photo usage in our ads.

If you are ready to make such photos, feel free to send previews to You’ll for sure get a coupon for this!

In case you can do more, we may arrange you a free hobdrive license. To apply for this you should provide hobDrive review on some of popular automobile resource/magazine (not a forum). Site’s popularity should be quite high, your article/review of course should be real (not a fake ad words). Of course you don’t have to hide somehow the fact that your review gives you a free license.

In case you have interest, contact us (, tell us the resource name and some references to popularity stats. We then decide and will give you full hobDrive license in advance, so you may create a review of a full version.

Both offers are limited, we may suspend or stop them (with explicit notice here).

Edit: Thanks for all who sent us the photos, we’re full now! The offer with article/review is still actual.